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Portrait Guidelines

The first thing to discus when one is talking about photography "rules" is that there are no rules. That is why this page is called "guidelines." That being said, however, there are things we suggest for portraits, whether they are for your engagement session, senior picture, or family portrait.

The first rule is that a portrait is intended to highlight the people in it, not the clothing or background. In fact, we're going to try to blur the background (it is called "bokeh") so that you stand out from your background. So, our suggestions:

  • Solid color clothing is suggested. Prints and patterns can distract photo viewers from the face.
  • Tops and bottoms should both be light or both be dark.
  • Bare arms are a distraction from the face; sleeveless garmets are generally not recommended.
  • Short skirts, dresses, or shorts generally should be avoided, as again, less covered skin tends to distract viewers from the face. For senior pictures, your school portrait will be cropped to head and chest, so a dress is fine.
  • Make up should be similar to what you normally wear, or use even just a bit less make up.
  • In most cases, we encourage several changes of clothing, so bring along a few changes. For outdoor locations, we have a portable changing booth.
  • White socks and white shoes can distract attention from the faces.
  • New hair styles are not suggested, or at least have your hair done several weeks in advance.

Did you notice that these are all "suggestions?" Photography is an art as much as it is a science, so not every person and not every sitution follows the "rules." We're pretty sure that Hawaii print shirt you treasure will not make for a great picture, but if it means the world to you, bring it along. Just please bring another shirt. We think that, when you review your pictures, you'll be glad you did.

Portrait sessions, whether for a senior picture, engagement, or family, are a lot of fun. Call (303) 403-0386 or e-mail us today! Senior portrait packages start at $150. We generally include engagement sessions in our wedding packages, as we find it a great way for you to get to know us, see how relaxed we are, and how much fun you can have in front of a camera.

We do follow our photojournalism value; after we get the serious photo you want for the yearbook or mantle, we'll start working to get you relaxed, and being yourself. That is when some of our favorite pictures happen!

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