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Front Range Digital Media Studio is the work of a husband and wife team, Steve and Catherine Meng. We went into the studio business to bring our eye for nature and people to work in turning Moments today . . . . . . into memories tomorrow.

Meet Steve and Cathy

Our love for photography stems from several things: first, having raised a family and enjoying all the moments we had, as well as the moments we have now with our grown children and our grandchildren. There were big accomplishments, and great moments of fun (including the weddings of our two daughters). Second, we truly enjoy watching other people go through thier fun moments in life. Third, we have always had a creative eye; before we becames serious(ly fun) photographers, we did a great deal of computer graphichs for flyers, bulletins, signs, and the like.

What does that mean for you? Certainly, for your wedding or senior/family portrait, we'll check the boxes and get the shots you need. Outside of the required shots, we'll have the camera around, and encourage you to be you. Your wedding day is going to be a lot of good memories, and we'd bet most of those fond memories will be events other than the traditional photo moments. Your groom's look when he first sees you in your gown; your embrace with your father; your mother fixing your veil (she'll be remembering her own wedding, your birth, and your big moments, and you'll see that in her face when you see the pictures).

We have the same enthusiasm for senior and family portraits. We get the school shot or the family pose, then work on getting you and your family to start being yourselves. Seniors will frequently have some items that commemorate their high school years; seniors have brought basketballs, letter jackets, cars, and musical instruments to photo shoots.

We shoot primarily in the front range area of Colorado, but travel frequently to other places. We have moved here from Florida, so some of our collection is from Florida. If you are planning a destination wedding in Florida, we are quite familiar with the west coast (Tampa/Clearwater/Bradenton/Sarasota), the Keys, the space coast (Daytona, Cocoa Beach) and Disney World.

Contact us by e-mail: Steve or Cathy.

Call us at (303) 717-9835.

Photojournalism is the style of wedding photography (family photography, and event photography) where the photographer does not stage pictures, rather the photographer works to capture events as they happen. Our primary style is photojournalism. However, wedding photography, in our view, requires a mix of photojournalism and posed shots.

There is no doubt that our favorite photographs are shots of you being you, interacting and cutting up with your beau or your family in the Denver, Colorado area. You likely would not be happy with wedding photography where there are not pictures of the extended family with the couple, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and shots of the couple with ideal lighting and posing.

While we strive for a lot of fun shots, we also work to stage the posed pictures. The traditional time for most of the posed shots is between the wedding and the reception. That time is very precious, as your guests are waiting for you. We will work with you and your family and the wedding party to get the pictures as quickly as possible.

Photojournalism is a style that fits our personalities, and fits the natural beauty of the Denver, Colorado area. We've taken quite a few shots along Clear Creek in Golden, parks in Arvada, and various areas around the Rocky Mountain National Park. Photojournalism is definately easier in the Denver, Colorado area.

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