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Engagement session at Garden of the Gods

Hiring a wedding photographer is somewhat of a leap of faith! You can look at all the portfolios, but how do you know which photographer will bring out the best in your wedding pictures? Our view is that photography skills are secondary to us getting you to forget we have a camera, and let us capture you being you. We have creativity, and find lots of unique shots, but the best efforts are when our creative ideas meld with yours. When we accomplish this, YOU and your party create the magic; we capture what will become the most cherished pictures of the day. And, you're guaranteed to have fun doing it!

Looking for great Colorado outdoor locations? We'll go to lots of places to do an engagement shoot! Want a romantic lakeside setting? How about Lake Bierstadt in the Rocky Mountain National Park? Are you a climber? How about under the Royal Arch in Boulder? Historic? How about the Mason's lodge remains in Central City? Adventurous? How about the top of a 14er (easier peaks only, and extra charges apply).

For the coverage we strive for, our first job is to make sure you are comfortable with us and our camera (well, OK. Cameras are cameras. We need you to be comfortable with US.)

To see how we work with you, we will offer you a FREE engagement session. You can choose from a studio session:

Studio session

One of Colorado's many outdoor scenic locations:

Outdoor session

Or someplace that has special meaning to you, like somewhere you met, where he proposed, or just a favorite spot:

Studio session

Our free offer extends to outdoor locations in Denver, Boulder and adjacent foothills areas. We will go to further locations, and charge you only for the travel. We will spend about an hour photographing you, and give you one 8x10 photograph of your choice from the session. You are under no obligation to buy anything else.

Call us at (303) 717-9835 or e-mail us to arrange your FREE engagement session.

The fine print: Free portrait session limited to either in our studio or outdoor locations north of Colfax, west of I-25, south of Canyon Drive, and east of CO 72/Evergreen. One print is free, additional prints available at regular studio prices. If you purchase our Gala or Grand Ball package, the digital copy will be included. We can bring our studio to your home (you should have at least a 10x10 foot area available) or travel further than northwest Denver/Boulder for a nominal charge to cover our expenses, which will be credited towards your purchase if you select our Gala or Grand Ball package (14ers offer excluded).

Front Range Wedding

A portrait session in the Denver, Colorado area (including Arvada, Aurora, Westminster, and the rest of the Denver Metro area) is a great deal of fun. We use the photojournalistic style, meaning we try not to pose a lot of photographs. We get you in the natural beauty of the great Colorado outdoors, or in our studio, and encourage you to interact with your beau and other people you'd like to have pictures with

When we are in the outdoor areas around Denver and Golden, we bring our portable changing booth, so you can have several different looks in your engagement session.

Want a unique photojournalistic engagement shot that really says Colorado? How about at the top of a 14er? Even better, how about at the top of Mount Elbert, Colorado's tallest mountain? It is close by to Leadville, Colorado, and one of the easier 14ers to climb. Now before you go getting carried away, we aren't spring chickens any more, and you really don't want to pay us to do a technical climb like Long's Peak. While we will charge more for a photo shoot atop a 14er, Mount Elbert, Mount Bierstadt, and several other 14ers are both reasonably close to Denver and reasonably easy for us to climb.

Of course, there are some beautiful areas which show Colorado's natural beauty (and some of our man made splendor). How about an engagement shoot at Red Rocks? Hanging lake (extra charges apply)? Any number of places in the Rocky Mountain National Park, or Eldorado Springs. Plenty of places to get high around here (high altitude, you're on your own for the other one). Photojournalism is an art form made for Colorado!

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