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What is the "photojournalistic" style, particularly as it relates to wedding photography?

Traditionally, wedding photography emphasized capturing certain events, like the bride and her father walking down the aisle, the kiss, the cake cutting, etc. Between the ceremony and the reception, the wedding party and some prominent guests (grandparents, etc.) are lined up for portraits.

The photojournalistic model, in contrast, would be to capture events of the day that make the wedding special:

  • The groom's first sight of the bride in her gown
  • The bride in a thoughtful moment looking at the gown
  • The bride's mother adjusting the veil
  • The bride's father shedding a tear

The pure photojournalist would never stage a photograph, they would restrict themselves to capturing moments as they occur. Now, we are creative and fun, not "purists." Our photojournalistic instincts are to capture the candid moments of the day. However, we do realize that weddings are events where extended family that may not see each other for years at a time will gather. So, of course, we organize and capture the wedding party with the aunts, uncles, and other family. In fact, we will work with you to schedule shots so that the photography between the ceremony and the reception goes as smoothly as possible.

Our photography coverage for the Gala and Grand Ball packages starts with the bride's preparations and lasts until the bride and groom make their getaway. What we strive for are the moments that record the emotions of the day.

Looking at the dress

Sure, we'll do some staging to make sure you get a good picture of the cake cutting and the bouquet toss, but most of our day will be spent trying to capture the magic that you create.

Of course, no wedding photography gig would be complete without most of the traditional shots. Weddings are typically the only gathering of extended families within years of the wedding, so what couple would think their wedding photography is complete without a posed portrait with her family? Between the ceremony and the reception, we do exhibit a bit of a "take charge" attitude. We will develop a shot list with you, and then lead in the efforts to get the right people in the frame at the right time as quickly as possible. We will have found a place with a nice background and good lighting, then we'll take charge of getting everybody in and out of the pictures quickly.

The most important element of photojournalism is that the wedding party members are comfortable. For much of the day, we try hard to be unnoticed and record the events of the day. When you are comfortable with us, you act as if we aren't there, and we capture you being you. We capture the love being expressed when mom fixes the veil, dad and bride look at each other as they approach the walk, and the expressions of lifelong friends and the couple as they toast.

Not a wedding, but a moment between bride and groom

Now, we must confess. We're creative and fun, and occasionally corny. Once in a while, we'll ask you all to stage a cheesy photograph, like the groom trying to avoid his fate:

You can't run and you can't hide!

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